Girl makes bracelets to help treat care home

A thoughtful young girl who made rainbow bracelets and sold them on her driveway has used her profits to treat a Wirral care home.

Ten-year-old Polly Newland from Bebington created the multicoloured bands at home during lockdown, which proved so popular that she quickly raised over £120 from her front garden stall.

The Stanton Road Primary School pupil then reinvested her proceeds into a range of treats for staff and residents at Safe Harbour nursing home in Bebington.

Holly Dooley, Wellbeing and Activities Leader for Safe Harbour, said: "We want Polly to know how wonderful she is, to think of our care home to be the place to raise money for completely off her own back.

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Wirral Globe: Part of the haul Polly had delivered to Safe Harbour nursing home after selling her braceletsPart of the haul Polly had delivered to Safe Harbour nursing home after selling her bracelets

"She sold lovely bracelets that she made herself to thank us key workers. It is a much needed boost to the staff and our ladies and gents. We can't thank her enough for having Safe Harbour in mind."

With the money raised, Polly purchased flowers, activities and food treats for the residents, with the help of her parents.

Wirral Globe: Staff are wearing Polly's braceletsStaff are wearing Polly's bracelets

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Polly's mum Laura Newland said: "Polly started making the bracelets just for a bit of fun and something to do whilst in lockdown.

"Then she came up with the idea of putting them outside the front gate and asking for a small donation so she could go and buy some treats for the residents of Safe Harbour care home.

"We thought she may get maybe £10, so we were amazed when the total came to £123.

"We got some treats for the hard working staff too thinking it would cheer them up.

"Polly has always been a very caring girl and we are really happy and proud that she thinks of others."