Girl, 10, who broke her back on trampoline makes ‘miracle’ recovery

When Charley Cox was just 10-years-old she suffered every parent's worst nightmare.

A freak accident on a trampoline saw the youngste r from Kirkby rushed to hospital where she was told she had broken her back.

But her ordeal turned into a nightmare when a blood clot was found on her spine and she was told she may never walk again.

Now at the age of 20, Charley has defied the odds – having become a sports star and a successful cosmetic company owner.

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Charley Cox is pictured here seriously ill in hospital.

But it hasn't been a smooth journey.

Recalling the moment her life changed, Charley said: "When I was 10, I was on holiday in Scotland with my cousins, I was playing on an in-ground trampoline but when I walked off, someone bounced behind me and I went flying and landed on concrete.

"Straight away doctors knew I had broken my back, but the blood clot wasn’t picked up."

Charley spent a week in a hospital in Scotland, before transferring to Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

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It was there they found a blood clot on her spine, which was also causing internal damage to her bladder and bowel.

Charley said: "I had to spend six weeks in the hospital before I even saw daylight and I was left in a wheelchair for quite a long time.

"I felt awful, all my friends were playing out. There was nothing they could do apart from complete bed-rest.

"I missed school and I got no grades for my SAT exams, so when I went to high school I was put in the bottom sets and I had to work my way up to get to set one or two because I’d missed so much of my education."

Charley Cox winning her sports award in 2014

Whilst continuing to have consultations, Charley went from strength to strength during her time at St Bede's Catholic High School in Ormskirk.

She said: "I managed to get back on my feet and I went from being told I could never walk again to doing every single sport.

"At high school, I did long-distance running, netball, and athletics. I was also doing really well in trampolining and I won my school’s Sports Personality of the Year."

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But after studying Applied Sciences at college, Charley was unsure of what to study at university.

She said: "I’d been working at a vets part-time and I’ve always loved working with animals but veterinary is so hard to get into.

"So I was thinking about what else I could do.

"I’ve been modelling since I was four-years-old and being ginger I find it hard to find products for my eyebrows.

Charley Cox showing how to get big fluffy eyebrows

"Browns are always too dark and leave my eyebrows looking black.

"I hated having dead dark eyebrows when I was younger, I looked like a show.

"I wanted to try and make something for girls, say in school, and produce no-makeup-makeup."

Charley said she was 'constantly thinking of ideas' before starting work with The Princes Trust.

Charley with her brow soap from Charlotte Grant Cosmetics

She said: "They offered me business support, mentors, and lawyers. Every second of the day I was in their offices in Liverpool and we started working on the idea of brow soap.

"I was buying the ingredients, making it myself, and seeing what worked best."

Charley explained brow soap enhances your natural brows, holding them in place all day whilst adding a subtle colour.

It’s also good for creating a fuller fluffier brow look.

Charley added: "I launched Charlotte Grant Cosmetics on August 20 2019, but I'd been working behind the scenes for months getting it perfect."

And since that day, Charley's business has flourished.

She said: “Even in lockdown, I’ve been surprised by how busy we’ve been.”

Ten years on, Charley still suffers back pain and recurring bladder problems, but as a thank you to the NHS for all their hard work she wanted to give them a small token of her appreciation.

Donating brow soaps to frontline workers across the wards in Aintree, Ormskirk and Southport hospital, Charley said she was 'made up' with their feedback.

She said: “Growing up I spent 10 years of my life in and out of the hospital and I have a lot of family who work for the NHS.

"I wanted to give back a little something and they’ve been made up. I’ve had so many great reviews from them.

"They say that with wearing personal protective equipment their eyebrows are the only things you can see and with the brow soap their eyebrows are staying in place for their full 10-hour shifts."