Fury that shop workers forced to wear body cameras over abuse

The news that supermarket staff are to receive body-worn cameras in response to an upsurge in crime and anti-social behaviour by customers touched a raw nerve with ECHO readers.

We were inundated with responses to the story that the Co-op store in Myrtle Street in Liverpool city centre is to issue its front-line staff with the cameras to record incidents as they happen.

The kind of appalling behaviour meted out to shop staff includes people threatening to stab them, either with knives or dirty syringes.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there were also shocking reports of staff being coughed or sneezed on.

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Amber Ali, store manager of Co-op's Myrtle Street store in Liverpool city centre

From the comments we received, it appears the issue of staff being intimidated, threatened, and in some cases physically assaulted is a widespread phenomenon.

These were just some of the responses:

Mary Kirby said: "I'm so sad this is needed. I have family in the front line in retail and can't believe how people talk to them and treat them. Especially after they risked their lives to serve us."

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Laydee Langlois said "I'm appalled reading this. No one should have to put up with abuse in trying to do their job."

Marina O'Driscoll said: "All you retail workers are our life savers. Workers risk their lives and their families' lives by dealing with the public, we should show appreciation not abuse them."

John Mullin said: "I work in retail also and just have to add it's disgusting the way we are treated at the door for just doing our jobs. It's amazing how this so called Covid-19 has turned some of our usual shoppers into a nightmare."

The body-worn cameras are being issued to front-line staff at Co-op's Myrtle Street store

Peter Manley said: "Sorry to read this is happening in my home town. It makes a mockery of the friendly people who live there."

Col Mac said: "Absolute disgrace that those who have continued to work and offer a public service are treated in this way. No one should behave in this way towards anyone."

Gareth Jones said: "Disgusting, anybody who abuses retail workers are just uneducated morons… they should be banned from the store for life, and reported to the police."

Christine Owens said: "Whatever people believe there is no excuse to abuse staff who are just doing what they have been told, absolutely disgusting behaviour."