Football players slammed for leaving pitch like ‘dumping ground’

Neighbours have slammed litter louts for turning Liverpool playing fields into a "dumping ground".

Pictures sent to the ECHO show the edges of the 3G pitches at Everton Park Lifestyles Centre covered in litter.

Bottles, wrappers and takeaway food containers can be seen in the pictures, which show the build up of rubbish on multiple parts of the pitches.

The pitches have technically been out of use for a significant period since the start of lockdown because the centre itself is closed. However, the litter would indicate that people have been using the pitches.

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One resident who lives nearby told the ECHO the people leaving the pitches covered in rubbish "should be ashamed of themselves".

They said: "It's an utter disgrace with hundreds of plastic bottles, coffee cups and food waste all over the pitches. This is disgusting, how the up keep of those area has totally been ignored.

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"The junior football teams and their parents that are there at the weekends should be ashamed of themselves with coffee cups, food wrappers etc all dumped. And the adults that use the pitches during the week are a disgrace. "

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Liverpool Council said it would ensure the litter was removed before the planned use of the pitches by schools when term restarts.

The 3G pitches at Everton Park Lifestyles have been left covered in litter.

A council spokesman said: "Lifestyles Everton Park is closed at the moment and there are no staff on site.

"We have arranged for the rubbish to be removed for when schools start using the pitches from 7 September."