Fascinating photos that show how the Albert Dock used to look

Fascinating photos that show how Liverpool's Albert Dock used to look

Far from the flourishing waterfront Liverpool prides itself on today, the photos show the dock as a shell of its recaptured glory

Work began during the 1980s to rebuild the Albert Dock into the bustling area many know today

Nowadays when we think of Liverpool's Royal Albert Dock our thoughts immediately turn to its many bustling restaurants and bars and the breathtaking views on offer.

However, the Albert Dock that many of us know and love today is world's away from its former self.

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Despite now being described as a bustling hub and one of the must-see destinations for visitors to Liverpool there is no escaping the area's history.

Mud-filled, derelict and decaying up until the late 1980s, it could have been a symbol for Liverpool's economic decline.

Back in September 2019, we took a look at some arresting and atmospheric photos that truly capture what Albert Dock once looked like.

It followed photographer George Jones unearthing four previously unseen photos of Albert Dock which offered a snapshot of the city in a very different era.

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Some of the pictures show the disused dock was a playground for youngsters, long before the days of health and safety, with abandoned cars dumped in the area.

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At one point, serious consideration was given whether to demolish the dock buildings in preparation for it to be turned into a car park.

Fortunately, common sense prevailed and it is now one of the most visited attractions in the UK outside London, with tourists keen to admire the largest single collection of Grade I listed buildings anywhere in the country.

It's all a very long way from how it used to look, as these pictures from the late 1960s to the 1980s reveal.

  1. Albert Dock was a playground for these young lads back when these pictures were taken

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  2. The Albert Dock in the late 1960s

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  3. The Albert Dock was a picture of urban dereliction and decay

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  4. The dock was clearly a popular resting place for vehicles which were no longer wanted

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  5. The Albert Dock in the depths of its decline in 1976, before its 1980s transformation into one of the city's main tourist attractions

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  6. Scenes of 1980s dereliction at the Albert Dock in Liverpool

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  7. By the 1980s, the waters at the Albert Dock had silted up and the site was an eyesore

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  8. Liverpool Albert Dock redevelopment 1st August 1983. The Gate Hut waits to be moved back to its original site in one piece on a raft of concrete.

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  9. Work begins to dredge the docks as part of the Albert Dock re-development on September September 17 1982

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  10. Work being undertaken to rebuild the Albert Dock in the 1980s. Reader picture from Bobby Bell

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  11. Work being undertaken to rebuild the Albert Dock in the 1980s. Reader picture from Bobby Bell

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  12. In the 1980s Bridletown's Construction started work to rebuild the Albert Dock

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  13. Cobbles that many of us have walked over today are pictured being laid during the 1980s

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