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Ex-partner pays tribute to Gary ‘Jacko’ Chalinor following death


Nov 6, 2023

THE ex-partner of a “much-loved” Wirral boxing coach has paid tribute to a “very happy” and “entertaining” man following his death aged 61.


Gary Chalinor, known by many as ‘Jacko’, was born in Birkenhead.

By the time Gary was 13, he had a little garage and would fix people’s bikes in the area.

He then developed an interest in cars and spent the rest of his career as a mechanic and car salesman.

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Gary also had a love for boxing and joined the Willaston Boxing Club when he was 14, taking part in nine fights and winning seven.

He stopped fighting when he was around 20 due to wanting to focus on building his business.

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Elaine Jordan met Gary in 1988 and was with him for 20 years, and remained friends with him after their separation, caring for him throughout his illness and until his death.

They had two daughters, Ellie and Jamielee and Gary had another daughter, Jennifer, from a previous relationship.

Gary and his daughter Ellie (Image: Elaine Jordan)

Speaking to the Globe, she said: “By 1990 he had gone back to the club to train the kids and become a coach.

“He did that up until a few weeks ago.”

In May of this year, Gary found a lump in his throat, but due to suffering from agoraphobia (afear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn't be available if things go wrong) and being “terrified” of doctors and dentists, he put off going to get it checked.

Elaine said: “When I had my kids, I had home births because he wouldn’t come to the hospital with me. That’s how terrified he was.

“We’d all been telling him to go to the doctors and the lump was just getting worse. It then got to the point where he couldn’t eat because it was so painful, and he lost four and a half stone.”

In September, Dominic Boyle, one of Gary’s best friends, went to the hospital with him, where he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Gary sadly passed away on Sunday, October 29 (Image: Elaine Jordan)

Within a week, Gary had a feeding peg inputted and he was being fed his water, liquids, and food through that.

However, on October 24, Gary was very dehydrated and started to become very confused and was forgetting to lock his feeding peg.

He went into hospital and doctors told his family his calcium levels were very high, which left a big risk of a heart attack.

Elaine said: “He wanted to go home, and I told him to enjoy being looked after by the nurses and said they wouldn’t be keeping him in unless he needed to be in there.”

Gary returned home on Thursday, October 26 and his daughter (Ellie) was giving him his feeds. However, on Sunday, October 29, nurses arrived at his home and called Elaine to say Gary had sadly passed away, two days before he was due to start chemotherapy.

Elaine added: “It has come as a shock to all of us.

“He was a very happy person. He was always singing in the gym with the kids. He loved karaoke and would always entertain people.

“The thing I always remember about him was how much of a morning person he was. From the moment he opened his eyes in the morning, he was full of joy and singing around the house.”

When remembering Gary, Elaine spoke about how he “was a proper prankster”.

“When he left, everyone laughed at him laughing. His laugh was so infectious”, she said.

Dominic, who went to every hospital appointment with Gary, has set up a GoFundMe page to give Gary the “send-off he deserves”.

“I can’t believe how generous everyone has been”, Elaine explained.

“Everyone has been so lovely, and all the lovely things people are putting up about him.”

The page has already received over £4,000. To donate, click here.

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