Everton fan creates vital lifeline for elderly trapped at home

A north Liverpool woman has helped organise the delivery of food parcels to over 150 vulnerable and isolated people across the city during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Jenn McKinlay teamed up with a group of friends to reach out to elderly and poorly residents across the city since the lockdown was introduced by the government to stem the spread of the virus.

Jenn, a support worker from Anfield, organised the voluntary initiative in her own time. She told the ECHO how she set up a Facebook group to help launch the venture.

The Everton fan said: "I am a member of the Orange Lodge and I knew of quite a few elderly men and and woman in the north Liverpool area who would not be able to get out to the shops .

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"That started things really. A group of of us got together and we set up a Facebook group to try and reach out to people and bring in supplies.

"One problem was that we could not bulk buy food in supermarkets due to the restrictions that are in place.

"But then we were given a few day passes for a couple of wholesale stores. We could then buy what we wanted.

"That solved the problem."

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Jenn McKinlay from north Liverpool has helped deliver food parcels to over 150 vulnerable residents during the Coronavirus pandemic

Jen said that as well as buying groceries the groups had been inundated with donations.

She said: "We have been flooded with donations from the local community. We have stored all the food at my mum and dads house.

"The hall got a bit cluttered but they have been great.

"I just want to thank everyone who has donated."

Jen said that they had delivered food parcels across the city.

She said: "We have done Widnes to Southport – there has been a lot of driving but all worth while."

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Jen said that she knew of some upsetting situations across the city.

She said: "Some of the people we deliver to a very poorly. One woman has terminal cancer and has been sent home from hospital.

Jenn McKinlay from north Liverpool has helped deliver food parcels to over 150 vulnerable residents during the Coronavirus pandemic

"Her daughter cannot go in and give her a hug – she has to wave through the window. But we have left some parcels for her.

"And a man who is a friend of my family recently lost his wife. He has been suffering from grief and has been struggling a bit. We have been there for him too."

Jen said it was all about the group and not her.

She said: "I want to thank Robert Hoare, Pam Tunney, Neil Irons, Wendy Dodd, Charlie Atkinson, Lesley Owens, Rooney Hagan. Pam Mcguinness and Paul Walters."

Contact Jen here