Dog chokes on chicken bone from discarded takeaway while on walk

A much-loved family pet had to be rushed to an emergency vet after chicken bones from a discarded takeaway meal became stuck in its throat.

Tina Kennedy from Wallasey said her 21-month-old Cocker Spaniel Holly had started to choke after finding bones left in a box of fried chicken thrown on a field.

Tina, husband Dave, and their two children Ben, 12, and Hattie, 9, were out walking their dog on Belvidere Field on Tuesday 18, around 8.30pm.

Tina said: “We let her off for a run and at the end of the field there was a brown paper bag.

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“She must have got the scent and ran over to it.

“It was a box of fast-food chicken and somebody had obviously eaten it all and then left the bones in the box.

“She got into the boxes and just started eating.

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“As we ran over, she’s the type of dog if she thinks you’re going to take food off her she starts swallowing and swallowing.

“But then she started choking – one of the bones had got lodged and she was clawing at her throat.

“We tried to get it out but she was biting us and we realised we were never going to do this.”

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Panicking, Tina picked up Holly and the family ran home while husband Dave phoned up to get an emergency vet appointment.

She added: “The kids were screaming and crying and thought she was dying.”

They were able to get a late appointment at an emergency vet in Chester, all the while, Holly was distressed and struggling to breathe in the back of the car.

At the vet, Holly was sedated and had the two-inch chicken bone that had lodged in her throat removed.

The two-inch fragment of bone was removed from the Cocker Spaniel's throat

The vet told the family there may be some damage to Holly’s oesophagus and stomach, so they are to only feed her light food and keep their eye on her for the next few days.

A relieved but furious Tina said: “The annoying thing is there are litter bins all over the field.

21-month old Cocker Spaniel Holly may have damage to her oesophagus and stomach

“Every entrance and exit there’s bins, it was so avoidable.

“I don’t want to blame kids but I’ve seen it other nights.

“Lads go on the field and play footy and stuff and they’ve been to the takeaway but haven’t taken all their rubbish with them.

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“I don’t want that to come across as I’m down on young people, not at all, I’m down on people who leave litter.

“Holly is full of energy usually, but at the moment she’s just sleeping a lot and very lethargic.

“It’s dangerous and we were lucky. The next person might not be.”