Do you recognize anyone in this Wirral Amature Football Team 1921/2 photograph

A local reader found an old photograph of her father’s football team and wanted to know if anyone remembers the team or any of the players her father is 2nd on the left on the back row, Percy Evans, he was born in Liverpool in 1899, the second youngest of 8,6 boys, 2 girls. His 4 older brothers all served in WW1 and the eldest,
Tom was killed at Paschendaele in 1917, it totally devastated the whole family and they moved to the Wirral just afterwards. My father loved football and by all accounts was a pretty good player but sometime before, in his teens, he cracked his spine and was laid up for a long time which stopped him going far but he remained a football fan all his life despite my brother being a top flight rugby player! I thought perhaps it might jolt somebody’s memory and solve a puzzle for her.
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