Do Facemasks Really Help With Covronavirus A Reader Writes

A reader has sent in an astonishing report outlining if the face masks really stop or help you from getting the coronavirus, back on the first lockdown when the virus first emerged the government stated that sergical facemasks had no impact on the virus, now they are saying wear a face mask as much as you can. and most sghoppers are wearing surical, homemade, or sponge facemasks.

But is this right as surgical facemasks dont stop of help with the virus because the structute of the virus is so small it can pass straight through surgical face masks.

To be really safe your face mask has to be printed with M3 or KN95 these are virus masks and not surgical masks, surgical masks will stop large molaclues from passing through but it wont fully stop the virus, especially if you are cueing up outside a supermarket for more than 15 minutes.

Please try and use one of the above mentioned face masks to protect yourself, dont understand why people are still using surgical face masks or even the sponge face masks give themselfs false believe they are safe.

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It also does not make sence why the government is issuing fines to house parties over 15 – THEY SHOULD BE NO HOUSE PARTY’S WE ARE IN LOCKDOWN

Government need to address what is right and what is wrong , you can have house partys upto 14 people thats what they are saying , it does not make sence. no wonder the virus is out of control.