Dixie Dean statue lit with flare prompting outrage across Liverpool

Everton's famous Dixie Dean statue was damaged after being lit with a flare, causing outrage across Liverpool.

Fans were left upset and angry after video footage of the incident outside Goodison Park was shared on social media throughout Monday afternoon.

The flare is believed to have been left on the beloved statue of the Blues legend in the early hours of Sunday morning before burning out and causing a small amount of damage.

Staff from the club cleaned the statue later in the day before contacting police and passing on vital CCTV footage.

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Officers have now confirmed they are looking into the incident which was described as "disgusting" and "disgraceful" by supporters.

The site of the Dixie Dean statue on Spellow Lane has become synonymous with fans who often leave flowers and wreaths around it for loved ones who followed the club before passing away.

Video footage was shared online of the flare burning on the arm of the statue with dozens of floral arrangements lying underneath.

Police and Everton Football Club are looking into an incident where a flare was lit on the Dixie Dean statue outside Goodison Park causing damage

Responding to the video, supporters and police have called out those who are responsible for the incident.

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One Twitter user, @TrickyTrev20 said: "This is disgusting. It's a place were people remember their loved ones.

"It's not even clever or funny. Just pointless."

GingerBlue8 also said: "This is disgraceful. A place where people remember their loved ones."

The ECHO understands that Everton Football Club are working with Merseyside Police to investigate the incident.

A spokesperson for the police force said: "We are aware of footage showing a flare at the Dixie Dean statue outside Goodison Park.

"The footage appears to show a flare on the statue on Spellow Lane, and enquiries are ongoing to establish the exact circumstances.

Anyone who knows who is responsible for the incident is being asked to come forward to police as soon as possible.

Police and Everton Football Club are looking into an incident where a flare was lit on the Dixie Dean statue outside Goodison Park causing damage

Merseyside Police Acting Chief Inspector Robert Ross said: "Flares can cause serious injury to people and damage to property, and seizures like Friday’s show our determination to prevent them being used irresponsibly and from causing serious injury and distress.

"We will continue to work with all our emergency services and take action to keep people safe.

"I would urge anyone who knows who is responsible for putting a flare on the Dixie Dean statue, a focal point for so many people at times of celebration and grief, to contact us."

Anyone with information on this incident, or the storage and possession of flares and smoke bombs, is asked to contact @MerPolCC or 101.

Alternatively, you can pass information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.