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‘Disappointment’ after post box topper stolen from New Brighton


Nov 14, 2023

A WIRRAL knitter has been left “disappointed” after her post box topper was stolen from New Brighton.


Ge Realey, 26, from New Brighton placed her Halloween-themed post box topper on the corner of Seabank Road and Magazine Lane on October 14.

However, the topper which displays a cobweb base with a pumpkin and ghost has since gone missing.

Ge told the Globe: “I noticed it was gone yesterday (Monday, November 13) when I came to collect it after school with my daughter.

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“I knew the risk when putting it out that there was the potential of it being stolen as other people’s toppers have been stolen from this exact post box before.”

The mum of one said she was taught to crochet when she was 11 years old by her mother and has crocheted every single day during the last two years.

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She said: “This is only my second post box topper so I’ve never had one stolen before. I was a bit disappointed as I planned on creating a Christmas theme topper if the base was intact after washing and removing the Halloween-themed items off the top.”

Ge said she without the base she would be unable to create a Christmas topper in time.

She said: “Without it, it would mean starting completely from scratch and I just wouldn’t have the time to get it done before Christmas for people to enjoy it.”

“I find it strange that someone would want to steal it in the first place as it was really wet from the rain and bad weather. The wet yarn isn’t a nice thing to touch.”

Despite the topper going missing, Ge said it hasn’t put her off making more in the future.

She said: “It took me around a month on and off to create the original topper, and whilst that was up on the post box, I created the Halloween figures to place on this one. I managed to take the original down, clean it, change the design, and get it back on the next day. It was a bit of a hassle.

“It hasn't put me off making more though, I found a lot of joy in seeing people smile when they walked past it.

“I was sad seeing the post box plain after the last crocheter had hers stolen from the post box, which inspired me to give it a go myself.

“I like the challenge of trying to create something that was better than what was there before. I've seen some absolutely amazing post box toppers, and I'd like to be able to create something as good as them.”

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