Digital help on hand for Carers in coronavirus lockdown

A RANGE of digital resources is available for Carers to provide some extra help during the coronavirus lockdown.

A Carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid necessary care and support for a relative, partner or friend.

The care provided could be for someone who is frail, ill or has a disability.

Wirral Council has joined up with Carers UK to provide a package of support which is free to Carers.

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As part of the Digital Resource for Carers there is a range of support information available, e-learning, advice sheets, as well as, the Jointly Carers App for helping to co-ordinate support for someone they care for.

Jointly combines group messaging and to-do lists with other useful features, including medication lists, a calendar and makes communication and coordination between those who share the caring responsibility easier.

Wirral Council is also working with Age UK Wirral, WIRED and other partners to support Carers across the borough.
There are more than 40,000 Carers in Wirral looking after some of the most vulnerable people; older people, those with learning disabilities, mental health and physical disabilities. These people are also at high risk if Covid19 takes hold.

Director for adult social care at Wirral Council, Graham Hodkinson, said: “The issues for Carers are enormous, particularly with the impact of services being restricted or not being able to be delivered.

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“The stresses for those that live with the person they are caring for, not being able to take the person out or get a proper break from their caring role will take its toll on the Carers health and wellbeing.

“As a result we need to ensure that Carers are provided with as much information about support that is there for them, even if that is just a listening ear but it can make the world of difference to speak to someone who understands. These resources are free to Carers in Wirral and are particularly useful at this point in time, when families are not freely moving around and people are having to self-isolate, as well as, for family or friends who are caring at a distance.”

More info on the range of support for Carers is available here: