Crucial Ryanair refund update issued by Martin Lewis

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Martin Lewis has revealed how Ryanair customers can claim a cash refund instead of a voucher, after flights were cancelled.

The budget airline has axed a large number of flights due to the coronavirus pandemic, and under EU law, it's obliged to give anyone who has a flight cancelled the option of a refund.

But many people who have asked for a cash refund have been sent vouchers instead.

Martin said: "Last week I told you we'd reported Ryanair to regulator the Civil Aviation Authority and Trading Standards as ridiculously, passengers who'd jumped through the hoops to claim cash not vouchers for cancelled flights were… sent vouchers anyway.

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"This week we've been working through ways you can get money back, including asking card providers, as Kim did: 'I got £896 back from Barclays.

'They asked a couple of questions and checked with supervisors. It was refunded within the hour'."

Linking to his website, Martin revealed his top tips to get a cash refund.

How to get a cash refund

You could go to your bank for help

Claim under your card firm

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It's not a legal requirement for card firms to do this, but you can ask for a refund under the chargeback scheme.

It means your bank will try to get money back from the bank of the firm you bought from.

Try Section 75

If you pay for something costing between £100 and £30,000 on a credit card, the card firm's equally liable if something goes wrong.

Which means you may be able to claim your money back from it.

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By making a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, you're asking the credit card company itself to cover you.

Unlike chargeback it is a legal right.

What do Ryanair say?

A Ryanair spokesperson said: "For any cancelled flight, Ryanair is giving customers all of the options set out under EU regulations, including free moves and refunds in the form of cash or vouchers.

"The process time for cash refunds is taking longer due to the fact we are having to process 10,000 times the usual volume and have fewer staff available due to social distancing measures.

"Ryanair is offering vouchers and free moves as these are automated and would give customers an alternative.

"Customers who choose not to accept a free move or voucher will be refunded in due course, once this unprecedented crisis is over.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank our customers for bearing with us."