Criminals in court for flouting coronavirus lockdown rules

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Selfish lockdown flouters have been brought before the courts for ignoring life saving rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

A countrywide lockdown was put in place on March 23 to help prevent the spread of the virus, with rules to enforce safety measures including social distancing.

But while most of us have spent the last seven weeks at home, abiding by the latest government advice, others have chosen to ignore the rules.

From hosting an all day house party, to throwing a bloodied tissue at a hospital worker and stating "I hope you get coronavirus" – these individuals have left ECHO readers utterly horrified with their disgraceful behaviour.

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Here we take a look back at the people who have been in court in Merseyside and elsewhere in the UK for flouting lockdown rules.

Kayleigh Perkins

Kayleigh Perkins said she had been to visit her boyfriend

Kayleigh Perkins was nearly three times the drink driving limit when she was caught swerving around Sefton Park during lockdown.

The 33-year-old was spotted in her Nissan Juke stationary in the middle of the road, "sideways on" across two lanes, at around 10.10pm on March 26.

But when police approached her vehicle, she drove off along Sefton Park Road.

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Liverpool Magistrates' Court heard how Perkins, of Ellencliff Drive, Anfield, suddenly took a sharp turn right, towards the park itself.

Out of concern for other road users, an officer in a marked car forced Perkins to stop and asked her to confirm her details, which she did.

Perkins tested positive in a roadside breath test and was found to be nearly three times over the drink driving limit.

Perkins, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol at Liverpool Crown Court on March 27 – her second conviction for drink driving.

She was banned from the road for three years and handed a six-week home curfew, from 8pm to 8am daily, which would be monitored with an electronic tag

Judge Clarke also gave Perkins six months' supervision by the Probation Service and a five-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

Stefan McCormick

Stefan McCormick is back behind bars

Evil puppy killer Stefan McCormick threw a bloodied tissue at a hospital worker and told nurses: "I hope you get coronavirus."

Medics were trying to help McCormick, 29, previously jailed for snapping a puppy's legs by ripping them apart.

But he repaid them by becoming abusive when they wouldn't let his girlfriend accompany him because of coronavirus fears.

After shouting at nurses and telling them he hoped they contracted the disease, he also called a female security officer a "bitch" and a "slag".

A doctor told him he was fit to leave and McCormick, of Woodchurch Lane, Prenton, Wirral, ripped a cannula from his arm and held a tissue to the bleeding wound.

Stefan McCormick leaving Wirral Magistrates' Court when charged with animal cruelty

The 29-year-old turned up at the A&E department at Arrowe Park Hospital on March 26, after he became anxious that his previous diagnosis with testicular cancer had returned to his bowel.

Liverpool Crown Court heard he was seen in the high dependency unit and after being told to leave, headed towards an isolation ward.

When security officers tried to instead escort him towards the hospital exit, he told them: "I'll go where the f*** I want."

Mr Duncan, prosecuting, said: "He turned and threw a bloodied tissue at a security guard, but it did not make contact."

The judge said because of McCormick's behaviour throwing the bloodied tissue at the security guard, the officers felt they had to restrain him, despite social distancing guidelines.

He jailed McCormick for a total of 10 months, including six month of a suspended prison sentence for an affray at a San Carlo restaurant.

Jamie Sparrow and Helen Bent

Jamie Sparrow told police he could "do what he wants" after throwing an all-day house party during lockdown.

Sparrow, 28, was told by officers to break up the party at his home on Princess Avenue, Kearsley, Bolton on April 15, after a nurse living on the same street reported it to police.

According to a report from the Manchester Evening News, when police arrived they found six people from different households enjoying a barbecue and drinking alcohol.

A disturbance then broke out in the street after Sparrow's next door neighbour Helen Bent, 32, directed a torrent of abuse at the woman who had complained.

Police had been called to the party earlier in the day but despite an initial warning, the party continued late into the evening.

When officers returned at 11pm, they found six people still inside the house – including a young child.

Bent defied further orders to leave and, as other neighbours aired their concerns to officers in the street, the mother-of-three turned on the woman who had complained, calling her a "fat f***ing s**g".

She then stormed back inside the house and turned up the volume on the music while shouting "party".

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The pair pleaded guilty to charges of a breach of peace and contravening a requirement as to restriction of movement.

District Judge John McGarva lamented them for "flagrantly ignoring" social distancing measures.

Bent and Sparrow were fined £120 and £250 respectively and ordered to pay £119 in costs.

Nicola Hitchmough

Nicola Hitchmough targeted a blind woman unable to leave her home

Nicola Hitchmough offered to go shopping for a blind woman at risk from coronavirus just so she could steal her pension.

Hitchmough previously helped the disabled 66-year-old cross the road, near her sheltered accommodation in Edge Hill.

By doing so she learned the name of the OAP, who is blind in one eye and has very limited sight in the other.

Hitchmough, 39, then tricked her way into the complex where she lived before searching out the victim's flat.

The victim who had people from the housing association and flats doing shopping for her, said she didn't need any help, but cunning Hitchmough asked to use her toilet and for some water.

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On May 6, Liverpool Crown Court heard how the kind woman let Hitchmough into her flat and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

But she then saw the crook leaving, suspected "something was up" and went into her bedroom, to find her purse lying open on the bed, with around £369 from her pension gone.

The woman went outside and shouted "come back here – you've robbed me", prompting Hitchmough to return and empty her pockets of some of the money.

However, she still made off with £160 and left the building, only to be captured on CCTV cameras.

Hitchmough, of Arnside Road, Edge Hill, who admitted burglary, has 12 past convictions for 25 offences, dating back 20 years.

She was jailed on May 6 for three years.

Ryan Wall

Ryan Wall, 22, of Lakenheath Road, Halewood, admitted two counts of assault

Ryan Wall spat at a woman and baby while claiming he had coronavirus.

The 22-year-old also assaulted the woman, who was holding the baby, during what police described as a "domestic incident" in Tuebrook.

Wall, of Lakenheath Road in Halewood, claimed he had been self-isolating with a cough and a temperature during the incident.

But he was assessed after his arrest on Tuesday and found not to be showing symptoms of coronavirus.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of assault at Liverpool Magistrates' Court and was jailed for 22 weeks on April 9.

He was also ordered to pay £122 to his victim and a restraining order was granted.

Jeffrey Dey

Jeffrey Dey, 30, from Wavertree, pleaded guilty to the burglary of The Richard John Blackler Wetherspoons pub in Great Charlotte Street

Jeffrey Dey targeted a Liverpool Wetherspoons forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Police found Dey, 30, yards from The Richard John Blackler pub he had broken into during the early hours of the morning on March 24.

The pub in Great Charlotte Street is among a number of Liverpool city centre venues that were targeted in separate burglaries amid a national lockdown of drinking venues due to coronavirus.

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Dey, from Langton Road in Wavertree was found around 2am in the same street as the pub, and was empty handed.

Police confirmed Dey was jailed in March for a total of 26 weeks and was also ordered to pay compensation.

Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis, 55, who coughed on a police officer while claiming to have coronavirus and was jailed for six months

Adam Lewis, 55, tried to "cough phlegm" on a police officer while claiming to have coronavirus.

The 55-year-old was flagged up to a police officer on patrol after a member of the public spotted him trying car door handles.

Things turned ugly when the officer approached Lewis and attempted to search him in Westminster, London, on March 31.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard Lewis tried to resist and smashed a bottle of wine he was holding on the floor.

Lewis then threatened the PC, telling him: "I am covid [sic] and I am going to cough in your face and you will get it."

He coughed on the PC, who was trying to keep him at arm's reach, and fell to the floor.

The PC bent down to restrain Lewis, who attempted to cough up phlegm and tried to spit in his face.

Lewis also threatened to bite the officer after telling him that he had a bad disease and that Lewis was going to give it to him.

After the PC called for assistance, other Met officers arrived and Lewis was arrested.

He was convicted of assault on an emergency worker and jailed for six months on April 2 – the maximum sentence available to a magistrates' court for a single offence.