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Council to vote on overnight campervan parking in New Brighton


Nov 29, 2023

WIRRAL Council will be asked to vote on proposals to introduce a permanent ban on overnight parking by campervans in New Brighton.

In July 2022, a Traffic Regulation Order was introduced on a stretch of Coastal Drive adjacent to the Dips. The “experimental” order meant that the only option for motorhomes and camper vans to legally park overnight in the area was to pay £20 parking charge between 10pm and 8am daily.

The restriction came into force following complaints of anti-social behaviour including litter and camper van toilet cassettes being emptied on the Dips or at the beach.

When the Globe reported the news of the order, a spokesperson for Wirral Council said at the time: “The order will be in place for 18 months initially and because it is an ETRO it can be kept under review to gauge its effectiveness at managing issues caused by visitors staying overnight in their vehicles on the public highway in New Brighton.

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"In the meantime, the council will continue to investigate the viability of providing a dedicated, serviced site in the area for touring vehicles."

Now, members of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee will be asked when they meet on Tuesday, December 5 to vote on if they want to make the ban permanent. Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

Wallasey Councillor, Lesley Rennie, said: “Sadly, the inconsiderate actions of a minority of people have made these measures necessary.

“People who live nearby, or who visit the area, are fed up with this issue and, while last year’s experimental order was broadly welcomed, we have asked for confirmation that a permanent ban will now be properly enforced.”

The council report, titled ‘Experimental Motorcaravan Parking Restriction Scheme’ states: “In order to prevent obstructive parking practices and to better control waste management, an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order was imposed to introduce an overnight prohibition of parking for Motorcaravans on parts of Kings Parade, small sections of parking prohibitions (at all times) at junctions in the area and the implementation of paid for on-street parking bays on Coastal Drive.

“This meant that those motorcaravans that chose to park on the highway were contained to specific areas and parking was better controlled. The parking bays were introduced on Coastal Drive and there are alternative routes available in the area for other traffic, such as Kings Parade.

“There are also alternative off-road parking facilities available within the area for motorcaravans, should their drivers / owners not wish to park onstreet during the day.”

Wallasey Councillor, Ian Lewis, added: “Prior to this order, we managed to secure The Dips for extra protection as valued Local Green Space in the draft Local Plan, as well as a Public Space Protection Order to tackle some of the anti social behaviour we’ve witnessed.

“We would hope all members of the committee will recognise the value of The Dips to the wider Wallasey community.”

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