Council make New Brighton’s King’s Parade ‘exercise zone’

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Wirral is joining towns and cities across the UK by freeing up road space to allow cyclists to exercise safely.

From Monday May 4, the council will temporarily close one lane on King's Parade, New Brighton (A554) to motor vehicle traffic from the ‘Clown Roundabout’ to the roundabout junction with Harrison Drive.

The move comes as the council responds to a decrease in traffic during lockdown. The authority has been looking to temporarily open up road space for residents to keep healthy until restrictions are lifted.

Large numbers of pedestrians and cyclists are currently using the footway along the promenade for their daily exercise, but insufficient space means social distancing is difficult.

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A council spokesperson said: "We have looked carefully to find a suitable road to close and create a ‘health highway’ for local cyclists – King's Parade was the best option.

"It’s an easy place to implement a road lane closure without disrupting traffic flow and will hopefully alleviate pressure on the footway along the promenade.

"It’s also a road we close regularly each year to protect residents when the tides are high – so we’re used to implementing lane closures here.

"All we ask is residents respect social distancing guidelines while using this stretch of road and the existing footway for their daily exercise."

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