Coronavirus survivor’s painful side effects months after recovery

A woman who required hospital treatment for coronavirus has detailed the painful side effects she is suffering months on after recovering from the virus.

Carol-Ann Challoner tragically lost her mum, a devoted social worker, to coronavirus after she and three other members of her family of key workers contracted the virus in March.

Teacher Carol-Ann, 46, previously told the ECHO she and her family all had different symptoms when suffering with the virus.

After Carol-Ann, Carol, father Joey and brother Joseph developed symptoms of the contagious virus, she and her mum needed hospital treatment after their conditions worsened.

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Sadly Carol, who was described as the "rock of the family" passed away in hospital, while Carol-Ann went on to make a recovery and was discharged.

But four months later Carol-Ann, from Croxteth Park, said she is still suffering side effects from the illness, including breathlessness, vision impairment and memory loss.

Carol Challoner, 65, from West Derby spent her life working for others

Carol-Ann, who has previously ran the Great Manchester Run, said she is out of breath and in pain for days after minutes of exercise now.

She said: "It can knock me out for days. When I'm shopping now, even walking around wears me out. It hurts the bottom of my lungs.

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"I'm absolutely terrified for winter. I've been diagnosed as asthmatic when I was 37, but I don't really get affected by it and I didn't really need to use my inhaler before, but I started using it straight when I came out of hospital."

As well as breathlessness, Carol-Ann said she's found her vision suffering.

She said: "I used to be able to read without my glasses on, but now I feel like I can't see anything."

Memory loss was also something she noticed, as Carol-Ann said she sometimes needs to be reminded what she is talking about when speaking with someone.

As well as this, Carol-Ann said she now needs to wash her eyes out with baby shampoo, on the advice of her optician, and use cream for her eyes because they've become dry.

She said: "I've been told by my optician that it usually takes eight to 10 seconds for someone's eyes to get dry, from not blinking, but my eyes were taking two to three seconds."

Carol-Ann added she and her father had noticed similar side effects in their recovery, and are hoping to have further tests done to see if there was any more long-term damage.

During Carol-Ann's hospital stay she saw things on the hospital ward that she told the ECHO would "stay with me forever".

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After falling ill she tried to raise money in order to treat NHS staff who cared for her so compassionately, and worked to organise care packages.

Since then, Carol-Ann said: "Over £6,000 was raised and I’ve been working with Kate, a representative from The Body Shop At Home. She and her team are literally in the process of placing orders for approximately 250 care packs for our NHS staff.

"Kate’s team have all agreed to return their commission back into the fund so that we can have as many care packs as possible."

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