Coronavirus numbers for every Liverpool area as cases on the rise

Coronavirus cases in Liverpool are rising rapidly with data for the city showing a worrying and fast increase in infections.

It is this rise that has led to urgent action being taken in the worst affected area of Princes Park as well as Picton and Greenbank.

While Liverpool does not have a similar number of cases as places like Bradford and Oldham, things are definitely moving in the wrong direction.

In the city council's latest data extraction, it says that confirmed cases in the city have been increasing 'rapidly' since around July 20, when there were around 14 cases per week.

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This then progressed to 35 cases the following week and the current total for the city now stands at 68.

However the data shows that the majority of these cases are localised to the areas of south Liverpool where new measures are being introduced.

Most of the city currently has very low levels of infections.

Of the 68 cases in Liverpool at present, 18 are in Princes Park.

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There are nine confirmed cases in the Picton ward, six in Greenbank and six in neighbouring Wavertree.

Every other ward in the city has five or less cases, but some are described as being 'on the up' compared with last week.

As well as those mentioned above, the other city wards said to be on the up in terms of cases are Central, Childwall, Church, Cressington, Norris Green, Riverside, Woolton and West Derby.

Emergency measures

Princes Park is the area of the city causing most concern and where the most acute measures are being taken by the council.

The advice to anyone in Princes Park now is to not visit any other households unless it is essential and to maintain social distancing at all times.

People are also strongly advised not to stay overnight in a household you don't live in – even if they are family.

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Visits at care homes in the area have also been suspended and events and gatherings have been cancelled.

Those considered vulnerable to the virus and on the government's shielding list are being advised to remain isolated from others.

Today the council has also said that the suspension of visits to care homes will also be apply in the wards of Picton and Greenbank.