Coronavirus cleaner on how to keep your house free of covid 19

A cleaner taking the fight to coronavirus has given his advice on how to keep your house safe and clean.

Joseph Kidd, 36, from Walton, runs his own cleaning company, Eco Clean, has worked as a cleaner for 10 years and has now turned his efforts to helping businesses and families covid free.

Having spent years tackling hoarder homes and cleaning up incidents involving the emergency services, he now spends his days fighting an invisible enemy.

Speaking to the ECHO, Joseph revealed the secrets behind keeping your house covid clean and the precautions cleaners have to take to keep themselves safe.

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Joseph told the ECHO: "When I am asked to do a covid deep clean the key is to sanitise and clean all hard surfaces which the virus could potentially live on.

"I have had families call me in to clean their homes after a relative was diagnosed with covid and I have also cleaned for businesses and gyms.

"If the surfaces are not cleaned the virus could just stay there. In the first 24 hours, I'd recommend sanitising the whole house, surfaces and all the upholstery.

"All the communal areas should be cleaned as soon as possible really."

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Having cleaned youth clubs, gyms and clothing shops, Joseph is now accustomed to donning his full bodysuit and respirator and unleashing a haze of disinfectant on any surface that may have been touched.

He likens his work to a scene out of Ghostbusters, with his goggles and respirator but the threat here is no work of fiction.

Joseph said that, while there is uncertainty over exactly how long the virus can survive on surfaces, it is important to sanitise any surface which may have been touched.

He added: "When we are called to do a covid clean we wear full bodysuits as well as goggles and respirators. We have to make sure we are covered from head to toes.

"We use a fog machine to spray all surfaces, it's like a scene out of Ghostbusters, it sprays out a mist.

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"We're not sure exactly how long coronavirus can live on a surface. It could live for hours or even days on a surface but it's hard to know exactly how long because of the science behind it.

"The main thing to remember is that coronavirus can stay on surfaces and that you should look to sanitise surfaces if you suspect the environment has come into contact with the virus."