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Cheese flan followed by pink blacmange – memories of school dinners


Nov 10, 2023

FRESH, healthy and full of nutrition – school dinners in 2023.

Packaged, processed but full of nostalgia – school dinners in the 1970s and 1980s.

Things have changed when it comes to eating lunch – or is it dinner? – at school.

This week is National School Meals Week – a whole week dedicated to the canteen food on offer to children at lunchtimes across the UK.

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Gone are the days of turkey twizzlers and lumpy mash followed by sponge pudding and custard every day.

Sometimes the custard was pink and tasted of strawberry or it was green and tasted of mint! Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

Youngsters can now enjoy tasty and nutritious meals that are prepared fresh each day with mouth-watering options like chicken curry, spaghetti bolognaise and roast dinner on the menu.

The menus run on a three-week cycle and there is always freshly baked bread, seasonal vegetables and salad followed by fresh fruit and organic yogurt available.

They’re a real hit with hungry children taking a break from the classroom with youngsters in Early Years and Key Stage One entitled to free school meals every day.

But what were school dinners like in days gone by? What do you remember about midday meals when you were growing up?

Here are some of the meals – good and bad – that you remember from your childhood:

  • Manchester Tart
  • Cheese flan
  • Chocolate pudding with pink custard
  • Semolina with a blob of jam in the middle
  • Chicken pie
  • Chocolate crunch with green custard
  • Cheese and onion pasty
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Cowboy pie
  • School cake with coloured sprinkles
  • Turkey twizzlers
  • Stew with beetroot
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