Cancer survivor, 84 ‘high on life’ after beating coronavirus

An 84-year-old grandmother is said to be "high on life" after finally being allowed home to see her husband after a five-week battle with coronavirus.

Amanda Sutter, 27, said nan Patricia Sutter had been "holding on to the thought" of seeing husband George, 88, again.

A video sent to the ECHO by Amanda shows Patricia being applauded by Aintree Hospital staff after beating the disease and finally being allowed to leave.

Patricia, from Croxteth, was admitted to the hospital on March 25 with double pneumonia after contracting Covid-19.

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Patricia, who suffers from diabetes and heart disease had only last year beaten bowel cancer before she was faced with her latest life-threatening illness.

It is something that has, at some point, touched all our lives.

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Amanda said her nan "didn’t think she would make it home" this time after becoming so ill with coronavirus she was placed in intensive care.

Amanda added: "A nurse said that when my nan was taken in she didn’t think she would make it and even told her own mum about the very sick woman that had been admitted.

"But she said she was so happy when she saw my nan’s name on the discharge list five weeks later.

"It’s unbelievable that she’s got through it."

Patricia spent five weeks in Aintree Hospital as she battled against the disease.

Amanda says that it was only the thought of being with her family, and seeing her husband of 63 years, George, again that gave her the strength to keep fighting.

She said: "He’s just so happy, he’s waited five weeks to see her they’ve never been apart for more than a few days since they were married.

"When she was in the hospital with bowel cancer he used to go and visit her every day, but with this, he has not been able to see her at all.

Patrica Sutter told her granddaughter it was the thought of seeing husband George again that made her pull through

Amanda said her nan and grandad had first met on a blind date arranged by her nan's friend, Sheila, in 1955.

At first, she was not impressed and told Sheila she could find her own date but still agreed to and meet George.

The date was at a friend of the family’s prisoner of war reunion, and her grandad told Amanda that he can still remember what she was wearing – a green dress with black buttons. They were married two-years later.

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Amanda said: "They’re just completely in love.

"They’re each other’s whole world and he has been absolutely lost without her.

"The first thing he did when she got back was to make her a cup of tea. She was so happy to have one of his cups of tea and not the hospital tea.

"When this is all over we will all be going straight to see them.

"But I don’t mind how long that takes as long as she’s home safe – they’re back together and that makes us happy."