Burst pipe turns road into river for three days

Water has been cascading out from a burst pipe onto a pathway for three days causing frustration for nearby residents.

Video supplied to the ECHO shows the water bubbling away on Hollinghurst Road in the Tower Hill area of Kirkby.

It is affecting a pathway or pavement, and also a grassed away which is now heavily flooded.

The eruption began on Thursday, but since that time, locals said they were having difficulties getting United Utilities to sort it out.

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About 12 homes have been inconvenienced with some people having to wear wellies to access their properties.

One man said the water was creeping close to his garage.

Onlookers said United Utilities were digging down into a hole on Thursday before a pipe appeared to burst or get cracked.

Dad-of-five Michael McGown, 48, told the ECHO: "It's disgraceful it's been left like this.

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"There probably thousands of gallons of water pumping out there, and what if we get hosepipe bans later this summer?

"Lots of people have reported it, but apart from an hour ago, when workmen came out to simply pick up the fence around it which had fallen over, I haven't seen or heard anything else.

"It's not good enough."

This afternoon, United Utilities said the problem first started after roadworks for a nearby new housing estate led to important water valves being tarmacked over.

Teams then dug down to locate the pipes, which triggered the burst and the eruption of the water.

When the pipes are isolated, water in 150 properties will be turned off, from midnight tonight, as work starts in the early hours to fix it.

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The problem should be remedied by the time people get up, United Utilities added.

A spokeswoman added: "Apologies, but it has been a complicated process, but it should be sorted soon."