Boy, 13, in police chase with helicopter as scrambler bikes seized

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A 13-year-old boy was involved in a police chase amid yet more motorbikes and off-road vehicles being seized by police over the past three days.

Another flurry of incidents happened on Merseyside since the weekend, with Knowsley in particular, and St Helens, hit by this type of crime.

On Saturday night, a stolen motorbike was spotted by police riding across Knowsley, first being sighted in Kirkby.

The bike was abandoned in Widnes, and two youths were arrested on Coroners Lane.

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They were aged 13 and 16.

A police helicopter was also used in the chase.

A stolen bike chased by police through Knowsley. Boys, aged 16 and 13, were arrested.

The following day, on Sunday, an off-road Honda bike was seized on Wheathill Farm in Huyton, with the rider found on a nearby housing estate.

The 16-year-old boy, from Halewood, was arrested.

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Also recovered in recent days was a battered motorbike in Union Street, St Helens, which pictures showed was fixed up with duct tape.

It was being "misused to cause annoyance," officers said.

On Friday, a suspected drug driver was spotted appearing to try to avoid police while riding around Huyton.

As he attempted to sneak back into St Helens, where he lived, he was stopped and breathalysed.

A 'nuisance' bike fixed up with duct tape in St Helens

He failed a test and recorded positive for both cocaine and cannabis, leading to his motorbike being seized and his arrest.

In the early hours of Monday, a chase took place between a car and police, along the Knowsley Expressway.

When stopped, a knife, baton, and drugs were found inside the car, which was seized.

One of the suspects tested positive for cannabis.

Two men, aged 21 and 41, were arrested.

Speaking recently about the scourge of off-road bikes, Superintendent Gary O’Rourke, of Merseyside Police, said: “Anyone riding a scrambler bike at speed or in an anti-social manner on our roads, particularly without a helmet, risks causing themselves and others serious injury.

Items seized by police after the seizure of an off road bike in Huyton, and the arrest of its 16-year-old rider

“Not only is the riding of these bikes non-essential travel, if you hurt yourself or others it could put an additional strain on the health service at a time when they could really do without it.

“Those who store and ride scrambler bikes dangerously on our roads and pavements are reckless at the best of times, but especially so during this period when the country needs to pull together to support our NHS, our key workers and essential public services.

A baton and a knife were recovered from a car that was chased by police along the Knowsley Expressway

“I want those in our communities who know where these bikes are being stored and who is riding them to help the national effort to protect the NHS and public services by letting us know, so we can take them off the streets and out of the hands of criminals.”

Anyone with information can contact Merseyside Police's social media desk via Twitter (@MerPolCC) or Facebook (Merseyside Police Contact Centre).

They can also call 101 or contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.