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Bonfire Night 2023: Readers’ best pictures in Wirral


Nov 8, 2023

FOLLOWING a weekend full of fireworks, sparklers and family fun, Bonfire Night has officially come to an end.

Residents headed to events across the borough to celebrate and watch firework displays and bonfires.

Here are some of our favourite photos sent in by Globe readers.

This brilliant shot of a bonfire was captured by Abbie Taylor on the Woodchurch Estate.

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Woodchurch Estate (Image: Abbie Taylor)What a stunning picture of the fireworks and bonfire at Northend Birkenhead from Angie Feetenby.

Northend Birkenhead (Image: Angie Feetenby)Lana Plant took this picture in Woodchurch. Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

Woodchurch (Image: Lana Plant)This incredible firework shot was taken by Polly Phonic at The Mona Castle in Wallasey.

The Mona Castle, Wallasey (Image: Polly Phonic)Thanks to Adam Williams for sending in this shot capturing the fireworks and bonfire all in one.

Woodchurch (Image: Adam Williams)Another amazing shot from Woodchurch, but this time with a rainbow of colours and a crowd of residents celebrating!

Fireworks (Image: Outdoor_badders)

John Robins sent this great shot in of everyone enjoying some sparkler fun.

Sparkler fun! (Image: John Robins)A great picture from our Wirral Globe Camera Club member, Warren Talbot of the bonfire at Tower Grounds in New Brighton.

Tower Grounds New Brighton (Image: Warren Talbot, Wirral Globe Camera Club)What a beautiful shot from Warren again of a sparkler.

Sparkler (Image: Warren Talbot, Wirral Globe Camera Club)

Finally, Craig Dillon took various stunning firework shots which he has shared with us.

Fireworks (Image: Craig Dillon)

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