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Arriva bus route slammed as ‘poor and unreliable’ after ‘constant’ cancellations


Nov 13, 2023

Arriva has been slammed for a "horrendous" service on one Liverpool bus route.


The bus provider was criticised by commuters using the 54 bus route from Thornton to Liverpool, who complained of regular cancellations, delays, buses skipping streets and bad timetabling in relation to other buses on the same route which leaves them waiting around 40 minutes for the next bus.

One commuter said: "The bus service to Thornton is horrendous. The 54 constantly goes out of order and just doesn't turn up.

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"We go to Formby and they have five circular buses (Arriva buses) that are as regular as clockwork. Why not Crosby, Thornton, Waterloo?"

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The person also said the buses on the route don't run as late as they want them too, with the last bus coming before 7pm on weekdays. They added: "There's three new housing estates being built in Thornton. There's going to be at least another 1,000 people living up in Thornton when it's all finished."

One commuter told an ECHO survey: "The 54 Thornton service is very poor and unreliable. If the bus is late due to traffic congestion it will miss out the Chesterfield Road and Brownmoor Lane part of the route and go straight down Moor Lane."

Another commuter complained about the "shocking" timetabling of the bus routes in the area, including the 54, as well as the 54, 47 and 63 bus routes. They said: "There are lots of routes to choose from to get to my place of work from home, however shocking timetabling means they all come at once.

"Then you are left waiting for 30 to 40 minutes for the next service. If they were scheduled better, you could still have the same number of buses and services but they would be every five to 10 minutes."

A spokesperson for Arriva North West said: “We have not seen the result of this survey, so it’s difficult to appreciate what the common denominators are and how many people have taken part in the survey.

“However, we’d always encourage our customers to approach us directly with their comments and feedback, as we always listen to them and if we can implement changes to make things better, we will.”

The ECHO is currently surveying our readers on their experiences with their local bus services. You can find the survey above, or take it here if it does not appear.

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