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Animal rescue centre sees ‘record breaking’ number of hedgehogs


Nov 8, 2023

AN animal rescue centre is continuing its urgent appeal for help after reaching a “record-breaking” number of hedgehog admissions.

Volunteers from Jackson’s Animal Rescue Wildlife Centre in Larton Liveries, Frankby said they currently have 140 hedgehogs in their care.

The centre, which is admitting more than 20 hedgehogs a day as temperatures plummet, said it fears that it will be unable to admit any more hedgehogs due to the growing demand.

In a statement shared to social media the rescue centre said: “Today we saw 21 hedgehog admissions to out wildlife rescue.

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“We are so concerned that at some point we can no longer continue to admit, as this many hedgehogs causes a huge amount of vet bills, and we are having to pull more of our trained and experienced staff members onto shifts to help manage each and every hedgehogs needs at the moment.

“The problem is that all rescues are understandably full, and we are their only hope. We don’t want to let them down. Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

If we were to win the lottery tomorrow, we would be opening a hedgehog rescue on the Liverpool side.

“Today we have taken hedgehogs from as far as Rufford, Oswestry, Bootle, and Aintree. We want to thank the amazing people who have helped us with transport today. Thank you for getting these hedgehogs to safety.”

The charity is urging people to help with the care and safety of the hedgehogs by donating to their fundraising page.

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