Anglican Cathedral glows ‘Ayers Rock’ red in sunset picture

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An ECHO reader sent in this stunning picture of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral taken from his living room window yesterday evening.

Jim Neehan, 59, who lives near to the cathedral, said the "incredible moment" only lasted for a few minutes but he was quick enough to get a photo.

The moment happened, Jim said, when he was watching TV with his wife just after 8.30 pm.

They noticed the majestic building was starting to “glow” red and looked like Ayers Rock (or Uluru, the distinctive sandstone rock formation in Australia) as the sun was setting.

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Jim said: “We live on the campus just opposite the cathedral and so we can see it from our living room.

“I noticed the colour was starting to change to a reddish-brown, and then within a matter of minutes, it started to glow so I took a photo of it on my mobile phone.”

Jim said he took the photo at 8.33pm and had made no alterations to the image.

It was a “phenomenon” he had not seen before, despite living near the cathedral for a year.

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He said: “We’ve noticed the changes to the sunlight to the cathedral before, it can look orangey at times.

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“The light does change as well in the morning when it takes on a different hue.

“It was just last night, the absence of cloud and the level of the sun in the sky, produced this wonderful colour.”

“It was almost like Ayers Rock, it was so red.”

The cathedral is the Cathedral of the Diocese of Liverpool, built on St James's Mount, and the seat of the Bishop of Liverpool.

Sunset viewed from room at the opposite side of the house taken by Jim Neehan

It was constructed between 1904 and 1978 and is ranked as the fifth-largest cathedral in the world.

Jim said he would be looking out of his window tonight to see if the same thing happens again.

He believes it could be a phenomenon that only happens at a certain time of the year and wondered if anybody else had managed to capture the moment.

If you saw the Anglican Cathedral glow red like Ayers Rock yesterday evening and managed to take a snap of the stunning moment, send your photo to