‘Absolute joke’ as sofas and shopping trolleys dumped on street

A Liverpool residential area is being used as a dumping ground by flytippers who leave more rubbish behind the moment the last lot is cleared up.

Sofas, mattresses, a shopping trolley and a discarded TV aerial are among the items disfiguring the landscape in Wavertree.

This is in addition to household waste spilling out of black bin liners after they have been ripped open by seagulls, and quite possibly rodents also.

But no sooner is the mess removed by street cleansing workers from Streetscene, than more appears in its place.

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Overflowing bins in Wavertree

Local landlord Steve Parry took a series of pictures of the waste littering the streets, including Lawrence Road and Langton Road, over the past week or so.

Steve said: "It is just being accepted as the norm now. It's been like this for years and we need change.

"Streetscene do pick up the waste but no sooner do they move it then another load gets dumped there.

An old sofa dumped on the side of the road in Wavertree

"I was speaking with a couple of them the other day in Wavertree and they said it's an absolute joke what they are clearing and it is steadily getting worse.

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"Other councils are dealing with the problem by using covert CCTV units that can be moved from place to place and have really worked well and have brought people before the courts and either fined or jailed them.

"I have suggested similar devices are used in Liverpool but all you ever get from them is that due to austerity they cannot afford them.

The back tyre has parted company with this citybike dumped in Wavertree

"I would ask how much is this continual clean up operation costing them, which actually solves nothing."

Discarded items include an old TV aerial

Liverpool City Council urged people to report incidents of flytipping, or use its free bulky item collection service, Bulky Bob's.

A spokesperson for Liverpool City Council said: "Liverpool Streetscene Services Limited work hard all across the city to clear up flytipping as quickly as possible as we know that it is a frustrating issue for our residents.

As soon as the litter is cleared, more is dumped in a matter of days

"All reports of flytipping are investigated and where evidence is found we will take action. Offenders are also caught using covert cameras and a number of these cases are brought successfully before the courts.

"As always, we encourage people to let us know if they find incidences of flytipping so we can clear it as soon as possible. Also, if people have household items they need to get rid of they can book a collection from Bulky Bob's."