A Local T-Shirt Printing Company Support Local Charity’s

There is light at the end of the tunnel, as we are easing out of lock-down a local T-shirt printing company is supporting local charity’s.

Customers can purchase ready made t-shirts or they can design there own.

They have designed a Limited Edition Customized T-Shirt and every Tree of Hope t-shirt purchased they will be making a donation to local charities on the wirral.

We spoke to the organizers behind the idea of the t-shirts and they said, a lot of charities are struggling just now and the donations have dropped off causing them to go short on funding, a lot of people only just about survive and desperately need the help of these local charities.

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There volunteers do an amazing job and we just though it would be a good idea if we could help with the support of our readers and try and help some of these charities.

If you would like to purchase one of these limited edition T-shirts please visit there website at www.customprintedtshirts.co.uk

You can also design your own t-shirt or purchase ready made t-shirts, why not help them out and share their post with as many people as you can via your social media, we wish them  well in there venture.