£30k damage caused to Liver Building by firework blaze

The damage caused to the Liver Building after a firework set fire to the iconic landmark has been revealed in a new image.

Matthew Egglesden caused £30,000 worth of damage to the listed building when he aimed the rocket at the first floor balcony during unofficial Premier League celebrations at the Pier Head back in June.

The 19-year-old, of Turning Lane in Scarisbrick, fired the powerful "The King- Reborn Rocket" among thousands of Liverpool fans that gathered at the waterfront when the team won the title.

Shortly after 10pm a fire was spotted on a balcony at the Liver Building and the fire brigade was called.

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Fire investigators later said that the firework had caused several fires to break out on the balcony.

Later in the evening, video footage emerged showing Egglesden launching the firework at the building on purpose.

Matthew Egglesden cause £30k worth of damage to the Liver Building

The teenager was handed in to police by his dad, who saw footage of him on the Liverpool ECHO website and confronted his son, who made a tearful confession.

On July 30 he pleaded guilty to arson and on Friday, Liverpool Crown Court was told that the cost of the damage to the Liver Building was estimated at £29,506.

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The owners of the Liver Building also said that the adverse publicity around the case has affected business as it is often used as a venue for weddings and similar functions.

A picture released by the CPS showed how the firework smashed a window on the balcony and caused significant damage to an area of grass that needed to be replaced.

The court was also told that some fans at the Pier Head that night thought the blue lighting on the Liver Building was showing support for Everton FC and that was why it may have been targeted.

But those supporters were mistaken and the building was lit up red, white and blue to show support for Armed Forces Day.

A judge sentenced Egglesden to 12 months' detention, suspended for 18 months, with a 15-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

Judge Menary ordered him to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work and to serve a three-month home curfew, from 8pm to 6am daily.

The image of the balcony of the Liver Building after a firework hit it

Crown Advocate Chris Taylor of CPS Mersey Cheshire said: “The day after firing the rocket and causing the fire, Matthew Egglesden was described by his family as being teary and upset.

"He told them he felt that his life was going in the wrong direction.

“Shortly after that, his father saw images of his son on the Liverpool ECHO website, firing the rockets at the Liver Building.

"Quite rightly, Mr Egglesden tackled his son about this and reported the incident to the police.

“Matthew Egglesden admitted at an early stage that he had fired the rocket but said he hadn’t meant to cause any damage.

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"However, to fire a powerful firework such as this at the building was almost guaranteed to cause damage.

“On the night, he appears to have been reckless at to what the outcome of his actions might be. This should have been a night when the city was proud of its achievements.

“Instead images went around the world of disruption, disorder and damage as a result of the celebrations of Liverpool FC’s success.

“Matthew Egglesden had his part to play in that extremely negative publicity and he needs to learn from that.”