23 things everyone from Liverpool should be able to agree on

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It doesn't matter where you live, what you do or which team you support – there are certain things everyone from Liverpool can agree on.

There are certain things we don't always see eye to eye over, whether it's a healthy bit of football rivalry or arguing the toss over whether north Liverpool or south Liverpool is better.

But despite there being a long list of things we might have strong opinions on, there are some things we all agree about.

From how we behave to how we talk and the things we hold dear, certain parts of life in Liverpool aren't even up for debate.

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Here's a list of 23 things we think we should all be able to agree on.

23. The Giants are boss

Mention the Giants to anyone in Liverpool and you're guaranteed to get a massive grin in return.

We've all got fond memories of watching them blow the city away in 2012, 2014 and 2018 with massive crowds flocking to watch the spectacle of it all.

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The Giants' final visit to the Liverpool City Region was partly organised by a shortlisted team

Weekends when the Giants were in town were always an exciting time for Liverpool and gave us a chance to show our city off at its best.

The people of Liverpool fell in love with the Royal de Luxe Giants, so much so that their creator, Jean-Luc Courcoult, was awarded the city’s highest civic honour, the Freedom of the City.

It doesn't matter what you're into the rest of the time – the Giants seem to unite everyone and give us the opportunity to have a great weekend together.

22. Life before Bongo's Bingo was a lot less exciting

Jonny Bongo and the Bongo's Bingo team

The raucous bingo nights have been going on for so long, it can be hard to remember what life was like before them.

We all know how big a party Bongo's Bingo is and that you're always guaranteed to have a great night.

Launched in Liverpool, the Bongo's team have also brought some massive names to the city – from Kelis to Jeremy Corbyn.

They've totally transformed the city's nightlife – and taken their wild parties around the world.

21. Getting told to 'calm down' is the single most irritating thing on earth

The Scousers in Harry Enfield's Television Programme

Think we can all agree that this one got old a long, long time ago.

Being told to 'calm down, calm down' by someone who seems to think we live in a never-ending Harry Enfield sketch will never fail to irritate us.

It's not funny, it's not original and it just makes you sound stupid.

20. Sayers is the best

Look, we all love a Greggs bacon barm as much as the next person, but there's just something special about our own home-grown bakery chain.

We're fiercely loyal to Sayers – after all, it was founded in Liverpool in 1912.

Sayers is ours and we're proud of it. Please don't try and put any other pasty stores above it.

19. Some brands are just not right

We aren't going to go into the list as it will probably get us in trouble.

But Scousers know their brands – and what we're talking about here.

There are some labels that only out-of-towners would be caught wearing, and that's just the way it is.

18. Good manners cost nothing

There's a reason Liverpool has a reputation for being such a welcoming and friendly city.

We'll have a chat to absolutely anyone, whether it's on the bus, at the supermarket or standing at the bar waiting to be served.

Scousers also pride themselves on being a generous bunch, whether it's getting a round in or going out of your way and giving up your time to help someone out.

It's just something that's important to us.

17. Calling yourself a 'Liverpudlian' feels weird

Yes it's the official term for someone from Liverpool, but surely we'd all call ourselves Scousers any time someone asks where we're from?

We don't know why, but Scouser just comes more naturally to us than Liverpudlian.

16. Getting stuck behind the Magical Mystery Bus is a nightmare

Don't get us wrong, we love to see how excited tourists are to take in our Beatles heritage on the distinctive tour bus.

But that doesn't make it any less annoying when you're in a rush and you find yourself stuck behind it.

The same applies to all buses really, it's just this one stands out more thanks to its eye-catching design.

15. We've got no patience for Tory policies

Time and again, Liverpool has proven itself to be a Labour stronghold with no time or patience for Tory policies.

Our city has been devastated by Conservative governments down the years – from Margaret Thatcher's 'managed decline' to the austerity measures and Universal Credit policies that have left some of the most vulnerable on the edge of destitution.

And we've shown how we feel at elections on a local and national scale.

Liverpool hasn't had a Conservative councillor for 20 years and the 2019 general election saw Merseyside representing a much reduced red stronghold as swathes of the country turned blue.

With all this history, it's easy to see why praise for the Tories will fall on deaf ears if you try it around someone from Liverpool.

14. You have to have a chippy tea on Good Friday

This one obviously stems from the Christian tradition of foregoing meat on Good Friday, and is common practice among Catholics elsewhere in the world.

And while Liverpool obviously has a strong Catholic heritage, these days the Good Friday chippy tea tradition isn't really influenced by your religion.

It's just tradition, however you choose to worship, and certainly something we can all agree on.

You only have to look at the queues on a Good Friday to see how a chippy tea is something everyone can get behind.

13. Nabzy's red salt is the holy grail of drunk food

Chicken fillet burger from Nabzy's

And while we're on the subject of takeaways, all Scousers can agree there's just something special about the red salt at Nabzy's.

Sure, we've had red salt elsewhere, but there's a certain something about the taste of Nabzy's that sets it apart from the rest.

We're sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the number of pints you've sunk beforehand.

12. It's called a barm

Bacon and omelette barm from Greggs

Okay, just one more food debate that we can all agree on – it's a barm.

Not a batch, not a bap and certainly not a roll.

North end, south end, red or blue – this is something everyone is on the same page about.

11. Match days are the best days

It doesn't matter who you support, match day in Liverpool is just something else.

There's no denying the buzz that takes over the whole city when Liverpool or Everton are playing.

Town is busier, the bars are all full of fans getting ready to cheer on their team and the night out after a great result is sure to be a big one.

We're never going to agree on who to support, thanks to having two amazing teams to choose from, but we can definitely agree that they bring out the best in our city.

10. 'Beaut' is not a term of endearment

Anywhere else in the country, calling someone 'beaut' would probably mean you were saying they're beautiful.

In Liverpool, it's not a positive term and you definitely don't want to be described as one.

Mates that let you down, colleagues that constantly wind you up, football players that can’t kick a ball – all beauts.

9. Our accent isn't up for debate

Anyone with even the slightest Scouse accent will have had a lifetime of people mimicking you, asking you to say words or telling you that you're pronouncing something wrong.

Let's all agree that our accent isn't something to be debated – it's just how we speak.

We can all agree our way is the right way and that being asked to say 'chicken' is very annoying.

8. Drinks should be bought in rounds

We can all agree that individually queuing up to individually buy your own drinks isn't for us.

You're going to end up spending the same amount as just going in on a round with everyone and it won't make you look so tight.

Plus you've got the added benefit of getting your drinks bought and brought to you once your round it out of the way.

It makes sense, it's friendlier and it's how we do things.

7. Any temperature above single figures is acceptable shorts weather

To be honest, you'll see Scouse lads wearing shorts come rain, wind or snow – and we can all agree it's not something we're here to judge.

But once the mercury hits 10 degrees Celsius, it's uncontested that shorts are acceptable.

Maybe Scouse lads are just made of stronger stuff, but it's just accepted that 'shorts weather' is different in Liverpool to elsewhere in the world.

6. Mother's Day is a big occasion

We're sure people outside Liverpool love their mums too – they just don't show it in the same way as us when it comes to Mother's Day.

It's a full day out for us and can involve everything from bottomless brunch to karaoke in The Croc.

Our mums are amazing and our way of showing that is by making a massive fuss of them that goes well beyond the usual card and a bunch of flowers.

5. Hair is very, very important

A curly blow dry by White Haus Hair and Beauty

We all know Scousers take pride in their appearance – and this is never more pronounced than when it comes to our hair.

Whether it's getting the right extensions, the dream curly blow or finding a stylist who knows how to wand your locks to perfections, we have very high standards.

The same goes for lads – taking pride in your hair and how it looks at all times is something we all give great importance to.

4. Anyone chanting at us to 'sign on' is an idiot

This depressingly familiar chant has resurfaced time and again at football matches and it's not on.

In the 2019 September quarter, the unemployment rate in Liverpool City Region was 4.7%.

So the taunts which have been aimed at fans of both Liverpool and Everton for decades, have little basis in fact – regardless of the fact that relishing the prospect of people being unemployed is unacceptable in its own right.

See also: 'bin dippers'.

3. It's called a lolly ice

All in agreement?

Okay good, we can move on.

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2. It's called Home and Bargain and The Asda

While they might not be the names on the shop signs, we all know it's what they're really called round here.

1. Extremists aren't welcome in our city

Time and time again, Liverpool has come together against planned marches by far right groups in our city.

In June 2017 the EDL were laughed out of the city – to the Benny Hill theme.

And when a small number of so-called Frontline Patriots came to the city in November 2018, they were met with hundreds of people who took part in a counter demonstration.

On this occasion, anti far right protesters were so effective in their protest the 'patriots' were actually unable to leave Moorfields Station and had to abandon their planned march and get a train back to their Lancashire home.